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The Magic of Blending Spirit With Style

Spacifically Inspired

About Me

I'm Patrina and I spent over thirty-three years in the Wellness Spa/Salon business altering my client's physical appearances in alignment with their emotional needs. That just means I designed happy hair and performed relaxing spa therapy services. 

 I developed a system for my salon family using techniques of engaging or channeling your six senses into creating days filled with gratitude, intuition and a peaceful perspective. Now I am enjoying sharing these modalities in my online courses with YOU!

Why You Should Join Us

Each month we gather virtually to celebrate and learn how to use several modalities and therapies inspired by the Wellness Spa. Get to know each other, share your experiences or ask questions in our private Members Only Community.

~ Guided Meditations
~ Intuitive Awareness OnlineMeetings
~ Salon & Spa Crystal Therapies
~ DIY Skin & Body Care Therapies
~ Healing Herbal & Detoxifying Baths
~ Aromatherapy & Crystal Treatments
~ Moon Celebration & Meditation Each Month
~ Voice Channeling
~ EFT (Tapping)

Much Gratitude

I am sincerely grateful for all of our members who have participated in our programs over the past years. It is wonderful to bring this out of the Salon and online. 

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